Hello faithful readers!

And I can call you faithful, because my definition of faithful is that you’re reading this right now. Try and wrap your head around that one.

This is just to let you know that I have a new, real blog that I’m starting. Just in time for exams. 🙂

This Africonvoluted blog was actually a class project for my Media degree. I loved doing it. I’m very passionate about the topic. And I got an A in the course, so that’s cool. The problem is, I have a lot more interests than just the way Africa is perceived in the West. So, I’m branching out, becoming more vague, and commencing a blog adventure called Janellethinks. Because I do. And no one can stop me.

I may still post on this blog from time to time, if something is applicable. But if you enjoyed any of my writings at all and want to read more, head on over to the link below.

Thanks for reading and liking and making me feel like I can actually blog for real!




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