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5 Things You Should Know About Canada

This blog is mostly going to be exploring perspectives on Africa, but I felt the need to get some stuff sorted out right from the beginning. Africa, you happen to be probably the most misunderstood continent, but that doesn’t give you the right to be misinformed about other places. So I, the faithful blogger, am here to aid you in your educational lackings.

And not that I’m biased or anything, but everyone in the entire world should really learn some basics about Canada. Really.

When most of the world thinks of Canada, they probably think of this:


Or this:


But most likely this:


And a lot of the stuff you know about Canada is true. But let me clarify just five things, and you’ll be a more well-rounded person for it.

Thing 1: Canada is a Country
Unlike Africa, Canada is, in fact, one single nation. It is not part of the United States of America. Not that there’s anything wrong with being American… Just kidding. Thank heavens I’m Canadian.

Thing 2: Canada is Really Huge
Like, second-biggest-country-in-the-world king of huge. It’s waaaay bigger than China, and the US, and Brazil, and any other country you can think besides Russia. So if a Canadian tells you something is ‘close’ to something else, ask them to clarify what they mean by ‘close’, because relative to Canada, everywhere seems close.

Thing 3: Canada is Ruled by the Queen
It’s a long story as to why we never bothered to become independent, but that’s too much to get into right now. The Queen of England is our head of state, we have a Governor General who’s her Canadian rep, but basically he just shakes people’s hands and has tea a lot. And then we have our actual Prime Minister who does real stuff for the country. Or is supposed to, anyway.

Thing 4: Canada is not Cold ALL the Time
Just most of the time. We have Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer every year. So yes, in the winter it’s so cold you want to die most of the time. And that lasts for about a third of the year. But the rest of the time it can range anywhere from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius. (Fun fact: Canada uses the metric system most of the time!) Amazing. Trees grow, flowers bloom, the elderly come of out hibernation, there’s singing in the streets. It’s a glorious time.

Thing 5: Canadians are Proud to be Canadian
Seriously. And the longer I’m away from Canada, the more passionately I defend it.

Tip: Don’t assume you know everything about everything. More importantly, don’t assume that if you don’t know something, it must not exist. That’s the kind of logic that’s crippled the way that the West views Africa. Don’t fall into that trap.